Surviving Holiday Conversations

 Photo Credit:  foundin_a_attic  Flickr via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: foundin_a_attic Flickr via Compfight cc

Today, we dive into love and relationships in our first block. Beth talk about The Other Woman Speaks and the transformative power of seeing people in the midst of struggles. Sarah discusses Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation with Shonda Rimes and the decision to marry or not (in the course of that discussion, we mention this episode of Freakonomics). 


In our feature segment, we discuss the perils of the holidays! To attend or not attend this event? To talk politics or not? We have some very strong feelings and tips and tricks to get you through the next few months. 


We end with Dr. Kent M. Keith’s Paradoxical Commandments. 

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